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Maureen Brennan started her career while studying Musical Theatre at the University Of Cincinnati College Conservatory Of Music. She was selected by Harold Prince to play the role of Cunegonde in the revival of Candide for which she received a Tony nomination. While performing in the NY run, she was referred to her voice teacher by famed actress, Barbara Cook. She has studied with her teacher, Laura Thomas, through her career and continues to study this technique. It has kept her voice healthy through all aspects of performance. Ms. Brennan has trained and now teaches this vocal technique, developed by Bob Kobin. Her studio opened in 2006.

Maureen served as a member of the Theater faculty at The Boston Conservatory (1999-2018). She taught Music Theater performance on the graduate and under-graduate levels.  As a member of the Admission Committee, she travelled the US in search of prospective new talent. Maureen has also taught specialized classes for  both the Broadway Dreams Foundation and Broadway Breakthrough.


Maureen maintains her own private studio in the Boston area, teaching a range of acting and vocal skills. She prepares young performers for regional productions and auditions, as well as entrance auditions for colleges and conservatories. 


What do I teach?


Depending on the individual student's need in each session, whether it is for a specific audition, performance or vocal issue, the Maureen Brennan Studio offers:


Vocal technique lessons--Building of a basic vocal technique based on the Robert Kobin technique –which will support any kind of repertoire you choose to sing. You will be building repertoire as you learn technique. Music will be chosen to address technical issues as well as choosing material that is specifically appropriate for each individual student


Exploring various vocal exercises and warm ups, ranging from a classical approach to pop, to rock, to crossing over between these styles in a healthful way.


For women, I focus on developing/ balancing (chest voice) and (head voice) and the option to choose these various registrations according to the material.  For both men and women. the basis of the technique is to sing healthily and freely with no interfering tension. 


We will focus on the physical stance, breath, and releasing areas of tension that inhibit sound.


Vocal Interpretation

Working on musical elements of a piece, diction, characterization in communicating the total performance.


Audition Preparation

Finding the right material for you - a cross range of 16-32 bar cuts of songs, as well as entire selections that best display your vocal range as well as character type.


This is geared to all ages and levels; I can help to prepare you for high school  programs as well as college entrance auditions, Broadway, off-Broadway and touring companies of shows, and regional and semi-professional theaters.


For more information please fill out the form on the contact page.

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